Meet Shannon Gorres, Trauma-healing Spiritual Direction and Nature Therapy

Meet Shannon Gorres, Trauma-healing Spiritual Direction and Nature Therapy “My life call is to support people through pain and disconnection into a loving relationship with themselves, the Divine, and the world.  I help people integrate childhood wounds into a greater sense of worth, fulfillment, and belonging, by offering embodied spiritual practices, nervous system science, trauma-healing techniques, and imaginal and nature... Continue Reading →

How to Get More Clients for your Spiritual Direction Business–New Online Course!

This course is a short-cut to getting more Spiritual Direction clients. There’s a lot of great information out there, but you want a short-cut to getting more clients. So that you can focus on actually doing the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

Meet Lauren Phelps, Spiritual Direction for the Spiritually Curious

By utilizing the events and ups and downs of our lives every moment becomes the teacher and life becomes dynamic and exciting as we gradually discover our innate qualities of love, compassion, peace, and wisdom.

Introducing Linnea Baney, Spiritual Director, and Immanuel Prayer

As a happily married mother with three beautiful daughters, Linnea Baney spends her time nurturing, loving, and helping others learn and grow. Her favorite activities include guiding others to experience the Lord more deeply and become securely attached to the Creator and Lover of their soul.

Meet Susan Shloss, Certified Money Coach and the Money Wisdom Circle

My friend and colleague, Susan Shloss, has a gift when it comes to helping people change their money patterns and open to ease, flow and greater prosperity. She creates a powerful frequency of compassion and inclusivity that you will love.

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