Growing Your Spiritual Direction Business–New Online Course!

Growing Your Spiritual Direction Business--New Online Course!   Picture yourself. “Two dozen clients each seeing me monthly and paying me at my top rate. I left my former job long ago. I am enjoying quarterly retreats, relaxing vacations, and experiencing deep satisfaction and gratitude in my very bones.” Make a living doing what you love.... Continue Reading →

Meet Tracie Tackett, Spiritual Director

Meet Tracie Tackett, Spiritual Director   While working in full-time ministry, I had been overcommitted, which led to exhaustion. The business of life, raising five kids, over-commitment, and saying, ‘yes’ to everything, left me completely depleted. I longed to slow down, feel God’s presence, and know when I was invited to say yes OR no.... Continue Reading →

Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director

Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director   Take a moment and imagine meeting someone new.  They are interested in getting to know you.  “Tell me about yourself,” they ask gently.  What do you say? I recently joined an online group of Spiritual Directors and needed to answer that question.  I said,... Continue Reading →

Meet Kelly Tan, Spiritual Director & Therapist

Spiritual coaching is not limited to Christians. Growing up in Singapore, a melting pot of cultures, I learn to respect and appreciate the beauty of different faith traditions. I am drawn to the philosophies of Daoism, the wisdom in Daodejing, and the writing of Zhuangzi.

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