The Way of Prayer

The Way of Prayer Looking for new ideas for Prayer? Check out these diverse resources. 24-7 Prayer: “Exists to transform the world through movements and communities of Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer.” Social Justice is a big focus here.   Soul-Shepherding: “Practical tools for soul-care and ministry.” Great for individuals and leaders. Attending to both emotional... Continue Reading →

The Holiness of the Dark: A Longest Night reflection

The Holiness of the Dark: A Longest Night Reflection “In the beginning… In the Genesis creation story, all was dark. And then God creates light. The darkness exists but was not created, perhaps it was original. Eastern Orthodox tradition suggests that all that is not created IS God. Perhaps God embodies the darkness.” “There is... Continue Reading →

Retreat & Meditation On-line Resources

Retreat & Meditation On-line Resources

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