Guest Blog: A Path of Grief

“My grief is raw today. I live with it every day, but somedays I feel it more deeply and acutely than others. Today is one of those days. Today I feel the loss in the very marrow of my being. I grieve many things, as I think perhaps we all do when we reach a certain age and the path behind us is littered with regrets, disappointments, losses and mistakes.

Guest Blog: The Sacred Art of Living: Meaning, Connectedness, Forgiveness and Hope

The Sacred Art of Living Guest Blog. Please meet my colleague, Reverend Shirley VanDamme. Reverend Shirley creates a safe space to explore one’s belief system and one’s relationship to the Divine. Sometimes religious beliefs no longer seem to be fulfilling. Searching may come at a time of transition or a time of questioning. Reverend Shirley... Continue Reading →

Picture your Future

Picture your Future “In a quiet place with eyes closed, picture yourself getting on a magic carpet that takes you into the blue sky riding the currents like a bird, as far away or as close by as they take you. While on the magic carpet, know that you have all the knowledge, wisdom, skills... Continue Reading →

The Cycles of Your Life

The Cycles of Your Life The following exercise helps us to perceive the “pattern that connects” by partitioning the continuum of our lives into seven-year cycles. Focusing on specific periods of time brings to awareness the experiences we need to recover our past and harvest our lives. Perceiving the larger pattern of our lives, we... Continue Reading →

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