Setting Up a Spiritual Direction Practice: Guided Workshop

Enjoy this guided workshop that we recently led for the HESYCHIA SCHOOL OF SPIRITUAL DIRECTION. We lead you through every one of the 7 Steps to Starting a Spiritual Direction Practice. 

Guest Blog: Spiritual Direction as Companionship Through the Valley of Deconstruction

Please meet my colleague, Chris Eaker.  Chris is a Spiritual Director with a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Richmont Graduate University. His style of spiritual direction is contemplative and reflective and includes listening prayer and imaginative prayer. 

Guest Blog: Five Reasons for Evangelicals to Explore the ancient art of Spiritual Direction

Guest Blog: Please meet my colleague Dr. Rev. Saundra Biltz. She works as an ecumenical Spiritual Director in private practice. Saundra is also an ordained minister, Bible instructor and medical professional with 30 years of experience.

Guest Blog: The Path of Grief

“My grief is raw today. I live with it every day, but somedays I feel it more deeply and acutely than others. Today is one of those days. Today I feel the loss in the very marrow of my being. I grieve many things, as I think perhaps we all do when we reach a certain age and the path behind us is littered with regrets, disappointments, losses and mistakes.

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