Guest Blog: Spiritual Direction as Companionship Through the Valley of Deconstruction

Please meet my colleague, Chris Eaker.  Chris is a Spiritual Director with a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Richmont Graduate University. His style of spiritual direction is contemplative and reflective and includes listening prayer and imaginative prayer. 

How to find a Spiritual Director in 2020

Now that you have discovered the art of Spiritual Direction and how it differs from other helping services, you may be wondering how in the world to find a Spiritual Director who is a good fit with you. While you could search Google and hope for the best, here are a few go-to resources to get you off to a great start.

Guest Blog: What is The Art of Spiritual Direction?

Guest Blog. Please meet my colleague, Shannon Jernigan, Spiritual Director. She helps others journey into the truths of God, self, relationships, work and the world.  Shannon has studied healing from anger, shame and addiction under Dr. Paul Hegstrom’s Life Skills International and has been trained in Advanced Sozo, a form of healing prayer. 

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