Just Released! Spiritual Direction and the Metamorphosis of Church by Brenda Buckwell

Let God Open Your Church to Its God-Sized Potential. Set your church free to follow the Spirit of God and become more life-giving through a deeper experience of the living presence of Christ.

The Perseverance Study

The Perseverance Study Encouragement from the New Testament to persevere. Receive these ancient invitations to endure.   If you would like to chat further, please reach out to me at laura.lies@streamsgrace.com  

The Way of Prayer

The Way of Prayer Looking for new ideas for Prayer? Check out these diverse resources. 24-7 Prayer: “Exists to transform the world through movements and communities of Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer.” Social Justice is a big focus here. https://www.24-7prayerusa.com/prayer   Soul-Shepherding: “Practical tools for soul-care and ministry.” Great for individuals and leaders. Attending to both emotional... Continue Reading →

Calming the Storms Within

Calming the Storms Within “So, they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress. The storm sank to a murmur, and the waves of the sea were stilled. They were glad then that all was calm, as He guided them to the harbor they desired. Let them thank... Continue Reading →

A Holy Journey with Pain

A Holy Journey with Pain “Somewhere along my journey, I became aware that angels of God were accompanying me. I saw the angels and knew that I belonged to God. Well into my travels, messengers came to tell me, ‘Pain is coming to meet you and he brings death to some, great pain and suffering... Continue Reading →

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