Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director

Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director   Take a moment and imagine meeting someone new.  They are interested in getting to know you.  “Tell me about yourself,” they ask gently.  What do you say? I recently joined an online group of Spiritual Directors and needed to answer that question.  I said,... Continue Reading →

Listening for Summer

Listening for Summer “Out of her pastel green pitcher, spring is pouring forth summer, and I am listening. Out of her youthful, energetic body summer is flowing, and I am listening. I am listening. I am listening to Earth leaning closer to the sun. I am listening to the heat breathing through the gardens, drawing... Continue Reading →

A Spring Blessing of Hope

A Spring Blessing of Hope “May you give hope room to breathe and expand. May your anticipated dreams find a voice and a home in your life. May hope move freely through your heart, gifting your spirit with enthusiasm and joy. May you walk through spring storms with a strong sense of purpose, undaunted by... Continue Reading →

Meet Kelly Tan, Spiritual Director & Therapist

Spiritual coaching is not limited to Christians. Growing up in Singapore, a melting pot of cultures, I learn to respect and appreciate the beauty of different faith traditions. I am drawn to the philosophies of Daoism, the wisdom in Daodejing, and the writing of Zhuangzi.

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