A Spring Blessing of Hope

A Spring Blessing of Hope “May you give hope room to breathe and expand. May your anticipated dreams find a voice and a home in your life. May hope move freely through your heart, gifting your spirit with enthusiasm and joy. May you walk through spring storms with a strong sense of purpose, undaunted by... Continue Reading →

How to Start a Spiritual Direction Practice in 2023: A Step by Step Guide

An all-encompassing rundown of setting up a new Spiritual Direction practice, including an explanation of why business skills are needed and a how to Seven Step process to get your Spiritual Direction practice started.

Meet Kelly Tan, Spiritual Director & Therapist

Spiritual coaching is not limited to Christians. Growing up in Singapore, a melting pot of cultures, I learn to respect and appreciate the beauty of different faith traditions. I am drawn to the philosophies of Daoism, the wisdom in Daodejing, and the writing of Zhuangzi.

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