Growing Your Spiritual Direction Business–New Online Course!

Growing Your Spiritual Direction Business--New Online Course!     Picture yourself. “Two dozen clients each seeing me monthly and paying me at my top rate. I left my former job long ago. I am enjoying quarterly retreats, relaxing vacations, and experiencing deep satisfaction and gratitude in my very bones.” Make a living doing what you... Continue Reading →

Meet Tracie Tackett, Spiritual Director

Meet Tracie Tackett, Spiritual Director   While working in full-time ministry, I had been overcommitted, which led to exhaustion. The business of life, raising five kids, over-commitment, and saying, ‘yes’ to everything, left me completely depleted. I longed to slow down, feel God’s presence, and know when I was invited to say yes OR no.... Continue Reading →

A Summer Blessing

A Summer Blessing “Blessed are you, summer, season of long days and short nights, you pour forth light from your golden orb, energizing the earth and calling forth growth. Blessed are you, summer, with your generous gift of heat. Your warm breath animates creation, encouraging all growing things to stretch toward the sun. Blessed are... Continue Reading →

O Antiphons for Summer

O Antiphons for Summer O BREATH OF SUMMER, Come! Come with your warm winds. Breathe on all within us that resists growth. Temper our desire to be in control. Raise up some wildness in us. O Come! O FIREFLIES OF BEAUTIFUL EVENINGS, Come! Come enchant us with your mystic dance. Brighten our evening with your... Continue Reading →

Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director

Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director Meet Gwen Pickering, Spiritual Director   Take a moment and imagine meeting someone new.  They are interested in getting to know you.  “Tell me about yourself,” they ask gently.  What do you say? I recently joined an online group of Spiritual Directors and needed to answer that question.  I said,... Continue Reading →

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