About Streams of Grace Spiritual Direction

Streams of Grace Spiritual Direction is owned by Laura Ann Lies. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International and adheres to their standards of professional ethics regarding confidentiality, boundaries, and privacy. Laura is a wife and mother to two young adult daughters, and has background in both Protestant and Catholic faith traditions. Laura is also affiliated as a Spiritual Director and companion with St. Mary Immaculate Catholic parish  in Plainfield, IL.

Being companioned on your spiritual journey with a trained Spiritual Director offers the opportunity for on-going spiritual growth amid our busy lives. In the context of an hour often on a monthly basis, we are invited to slow down and become more aware of the sacred thread running through our ordinary life experience.

While true to her own contemplative Christian & Catholic faith, Laura offers Spiritual Companionship to individuals from all walks of life, faith and practice.   She meets in person and online via Skype, FaceTime & Zoom anywhere in the US and virtually around the world. It is easy to get started with me. I return emails within 48 hours. After a brief, getting acquainted call, we will schedule our first appointment. Day and evening appointments available. You are not alone, I would like to be of help.

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Where Do We Begin?

Spiritual Direction is about walking on holy ground. The holy ground of our very lives, our relationships, our struggles, and our efforts to find the Sacred in the midst of it all. Most of the time we need support, encouragement and affirmation, not answers. We need someone who will listen and can recognize God’s voice amid so many others.

We need someone who helps us notice God’s presence in the ordinary events of our lives. Someone who will wait through the pain with us. We need someone we can share our deepest longings with.

What Does Spiritual Direction Look Like?

Becoming who we are is a process. A gradual unfolding, often a risk, with someone who believes there is more to us than what appears on the surface. Just being involved in Spiritual Direction can help facilitate our spiritual growth.

What is deepest in us begins to get articulated. We receive permission to be ourselves and to be listened to. We can move from asking what I should do to what is life wanting to do with me.

 “Is there anything I can do to make myself more enlightened? As little as you can do to make the sun rise in the morning. Then to what use are the spiritual exercises you prescribe? To make sure you are not asleep when the sun begins to rise.”

Anthony De Mello