How to Get More Clients for your Spiritual Direction Business–New Online Course!

How to Get More Clients for your Spiritual Direction Business

FREE Preview--How to Get more Clients for your Spiritual Direction Business--New Online Course. Click Here!


Picture yourself. “Two dozen clients each seeing me monthly and paying me at my top rate. I left my former job long ago. I am enjoying quarterly retreats, relaxing vacations, and experiencing deep satisfaction and gratitude in my very bones.”

Make a living doing what you love. Make a living as a Spiritual Director. Make enough money to leave your job. Enjoy a flexible schedule; more time to travel and enjoy your family. All while making a real difference in the world.

As a Spiritual Director, wanting to your grow your business, you are asking how to get more clients. Learn how to help potential clients find you by leveraging Digital Marketing, partnering with Google, and maximizing free and low cost online tools. By the end of this course, you will be equipped to grow your Spiritual Direction Practice and position it for maximum success.

This course is a short-cut to getting more Spiritual Direction clients. There’s a lot of great information out there, but you want a short-cut to getting more clients. So that you can focus on actually doing the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

FREE Preview--How to Get more Clients for your Spiritual Direction Business--New Online Course. Click Here!

This course includes brief video teachings (36 lessons in 6 hours of video content), a dozen downloadable PDFs, and access to an online Community of other Spiritual Directors for mutual encouragement every step of the way.

The lessons:

  1. Clarity of your Call
  2. Encouragement for the Road Ahead
  3. Nuts & Bolts of Business Start-up
  4. Authentic Marketing (How to Maximize your website, Google, YouTube, Social Media, Facebook. We virtually hold your hand through every teaching video!)
  5. Legal Structure & How to Get Paid

As soon as you register, you’ll receive a Welcome email with instructions to access the program materials and join the community.

After taking this course, you will be equipped to attract the clients who are a best fit for you.

Expect these Accomplishments: Launched website – Created social media channels – Listed in dedicated Spiritual Direction directories

Begin anytime. Begin implementing right away. Return again and again to take your business to the next level. Work at your own pace. Join our online Community for encouragement and accountability.  Access this course as long as the internet is around!

Why trust me to guide you?

My name is Laura Ann Lies.  Just six short years ago, I launched a new Spiritual Direction practice. Now, supporting a full-time practice of nearly 40 clients, publishing over 75 blog posts, and welcoming over 34 thousand unique visitors to the website, I share the steps and resources that have been the most helpful in building my private practice. I bring 25 years of marketing and training in business and entrepreneurship. May this course inspire and encourage you to consider stepping out in faith, to start something new, to bless a desperate world, for such a time as this. The time is now.

The cost—introductory price of $197.

FREE Preview--How to Get more Clients for your Spiritual Direction Business--New Online Course. Click Here!

“I love online learning. I heartily recommend this course. Adding to the body of knowledge that people can have beyond their training program. Keep doing it, Laura, as the Spirit leads you! Teresa Blythe, Phoenix Center for Spiritual Direction Apprentice Training Program

“Laura is a very empathetic soul who listens… Her suggestion and guidance for developing a practice of Spiritual Direction/ Companion rested on first Listening to the Divine, Examining your Calling, and Sharing with those around you. She was instrumental in expanding my view to the Web for meeting those who are looking there. Putting God first is the best beginning in any plan. I am proud and glad to call her a friend and mentor.” Morgan B. Jones, Wrangler Saved by Grace Spiritual Direction

“Laura’s presence is one of deep and sacred listening. While presenting her high value content in a mindful and thoughtful manner at the workshop, Laura also held space for a very large online contingent of eager learners!  In a one-on-one session, we had a wonderful, supporting and encouraging conversation about my journey as a spiritual director.  Her wisdom reflected not only her experience, but her connection to God and divine wisdom.  Our time together was full of nuggets and inspiration that I refer back to often as I discern my next steps.  I highly recommend Laura’s offerings, both group and individual experiences.” Lauri Ingram, Liminal Studio for Spiritual Coaching

Come and See! Check out all the Free Preview material today!   Learn More!


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