Introducing Linnea Baney, Spiritual Director, and Immanuel Prayer

Linnea Baney

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Introducing Linnea Baney, Spiritual Director, and Immanuel Prayer

As a happily married mother with three beautiful daughters, Linnea Baney spends her time nurturing, loving, and helping others learn and grow. Her favorite activities include guiding others to experience the Lord more deeply and become securely attached to the Creator and Lover of their soul. She gently encourages others to hear the Lord’s perspective in the midst of their pain. So they can discover more of Jesus’ heart to find healing, grow in maturity, and live out His calling for their lives with clarity and joy.

Have you ever had an incredible experience of connection with the Lord?

Whether through worship, a stunning sunset, or the contagious laughter of a child. We experience the Lord in many different ways. As we learn several places in scripture, Christ is Immanuel- “God With Us.” Experiencing the living, loving, interactive, tangible presence of Christ is something that we can enjoy afresh every day.”

Learn more about Linnea and Immanuel Prayer through our interview below and through her website Life with Immanuel.

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