Making a Living as a Spiritual Director – Growing Your Practice

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Welcome to the third edition of the most popular webinar series in SDI history!

“Most spiritual directors and companions have already discerned that the art of deep listening is their true vocation. But many face a big challenge. They’re not sure how to make their calling sustainable.

In the past two editions of this webinar, an array of spiritual directors and companions taught us how they built their practices.

In Part 3, we go one step further — asking 4 successful spiritual directors to show us how they grew their practices into full-time work. All these presenters have found creative ways to follow a deep, heart-felt calling and pay the rent. Some blend services. Some have found particular niches that have brought them a steady stream of directees. Some focus on creating content as marketing. Some rely more on word-of-mouth. All of them make their full-time livings from spiritual direction. During our webinar, our presenters will share their recipes, including PDF guides, for turning spiritual companionship into a financially sustainable career.”

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