Spring Speaks

Spring Speaks

St Francis in Spring 2

“Lean close to the land and touch the soil. Can you hear the pulse of my life in the earth’s heart? Can you sense the enthusiasm I have for each new movement of life? In my world, birthing is a daily adventure. Each moment is an invitation to celebrate the experience of new life.

I am the one who awakens the silent seeds from their long winter’s sleep. I enter into the glory of each tiny bud as it bursts into bloom. I caress the flowers with gentle breezes. I make them leap and dance with my stormy winds. I take delight in the new green leaves as they begin to decorate the barren trees.

You, too, began as a tiny bud in the womb of your mother. I knew you during the seasons of your formation. I was present at your unfolding. I beheld you as you opened gently to the warming rays of the sun in your life: the sun of kindness and encouragement, the sun of affirmation and love.

Learn to be attentive in this new season of your life, and I will continue to teach you. I want to share my beauty with you now that you are growing older. Beauty is the heart’s balm. Each day I anoint you with the beauty and energy of my spring soul. Each day I drink in the joy of being such a lovely season. I know I have the power to lift people’s spirits. You, too, have this power. Honor the miracle of your life. Sink your roots deeper into your inner garden and grow strong with healing power. Discover the good medicine of your being. Cherish your potential to be a healing presence in people’s lives.

Turn your face toward the streaming rays of life and light. Stand with new amazement at the beginning of every day. Believe in resurrection. Receive life in all its fullness. Leap out of winter’s tomb joyfully. Remember that all of your tombs are actually wombs. The seeds of my growth develop gradually in the womb of winter. So do yours. A rich abiding life always lingers near, desiring you to embrace it and claim it as your own. You, too, have the potential to burst forth with new green leaves. Resurrection is your inheritance. Receive it with a song of joy

  • What are your memories of lifting the spirits of others by being faithful to the power of spring in your life?
  • Who or what was the source of your own spring-power?
  • Where in your life are you experiencing rebirth and renewal?
  • What is blossoming in you?
  • Where do you feel the greatest need for new blossoms?
  • What has been your most recent resurrection experience?
  • If you were to choose a passage from the scriptures that speaks to you of spring, what would it be?”

— from The Circle Of Life: The Heart’s Journey Through The Seasons by Joyce Rupp

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