5 Steps to Planning a Private Silent Retreat

5 Steps To Planning A Private Silent Retreat

Hear the Invitation of your Soul

“Come away to a secluded place and rest a while.” (Gospel of St. Mark 6:31.)

Choose to retreat away or at home.

If away, research Hermitages in your area, where you can safely enjoy the Beloved.

If at home, set aside a space and time where you can minimize distraction. Allow as much time as you are able. Whether an hour or a full day, the intention of your soul is what matters most.

Prepare with Simplicity in mind.

Simple pre-made foods. Comfortable clothing. Few materials.

What to do on retreat? “As little as possible.”

Sample schedule: wake, eat, read/ponder/pray a little, walk a little, eat, rest. Repeat.

Prepare in advance by reviewing some of the many wonderful resources available to you.


As you prepare to return to your “normal life,” allow the return to be as slow and simple as possible.

Special Invitation:

For parents, care-givers and others who cannot get away for retreat, consider Visio Divina, listening to the Divine through images.

If you would like to chat further, please reach out to me at laura.lies@streamsgrace.com

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