Mortality: Pondering the Great Beyond


Mortality: Pondering the Great Beyond

Receive this guided imagery meditation.

“Imagine that it is the day after your death. Feel into the You who inhabits this liminal space.

Who are you now? What do you experience? Explore yourself and your surroundings lightly, playfully. Be curious.

Where are you? What is your relationship with the people and places that were seminal in your incarnation? Who and what and how do you love, in your present state of being? What is your relationship with the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars? Where do they reside, in your newly liberated consciousness?

Who accompanies you, in this stage of your journey? Where and with whom do you belong?

What do you know now, that you did not know back then, when you were living in the midst of your incarnate story?

Play with this exploration for as long as you wish. When you have had enough, for now, return to your body, to your breath, to your present.

Bring back with you the qualities of being that you discovered on your travels into your future. Let the flavor of that experience perfume your choices and the flow of your energy today.”


“Your body has a limited time on earth. Your body will die. (You, of course, will not.) There is power in facing the finite nature of the body. Confronting the mortality of your body and facing your death with courage and compassion can allow you to live life more fully now. Until you accept your death, it is difficult to truly live. Native Americans have an expression: ‘I am complete in this moment. I am ready. I am enough.’  Every stage of life has value and beauty, even the pain, suffering and ignobility of old age.

Imagine going forward to your time of death. Fully confront your death with courage and grace. Grieve if you need to. To truly live, be willing to face your death.

Identify the attachments in your life. Close your eyes. Relax and imagine that there is an invisible cord of energy flowing between you and each object of your attachment. Visualize releasing or cutting the cords that bind you to your attachment. Feel the cords drop away.

Sources: To Be Soul. Do Soul. Adventures in Creative Consciousness. By Hiro Boga.

Quest: A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest

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