Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting


Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting

“The Journey itself is indeed our Home. And our journey will always include waiting. If we are going to continue to live, we are going to continue to wait. The good news is that the discipline of waiting offers us Seven Spiritual Gifts.

Each and every stage of our lives involves some form of waiting.

If we consciously allow waiting to be our teacher, we can accommodate waiting more peacefully.

The First Gift of Waiting: Patience

Patience means trusting there is no quick fix.

Patience invites us to trust the Fullness of God’s time. In God’s time, we are often waiting for the bigger picture, but must be content with each small piece along the way.

Patience opens us to Active Waiting.

Patience is an extremely difficult discipline precisely because it counteracts our unreflective impulse to flee or fight.

Patience gives us time to be available to others.

Waiting teaches us to live life in small increments. What is your current waiting teaching you about this? How might God be waiting for you? How are you available to God and others during this season of waiting?

The Second Gift of Waiting: Loss of Control

Loss of Control teaches us to depend on one another.

Loss of Control allows us to surrender to grief.

Loss of Control teaches us resilience.

Waiting offers us a chance to let go. What might you let go of in your current waiting? What has waiting taught you about resilience?

The Third Gift of Waiting: Living in the Present

Living in the present calls us to “be here now.”

Living in the present invites us to relinquish worry.

Living in the present allows us to say, “It is enough.”

Living in the present teaches us to be faithful in small things.

Waiting teaches us to dwell fully where we are. What can you find to appreciate in the ‘now’ while you are waiting?

The Fourth Gift of Waiting: Compassion

Compassion reminds us that we are not alone.

Compassion teaches us how to receive.

Compassion allows us to be seen for who we really are.

Compassion helps us gather strength from others.

Compassion offers us hope.

Waiting offers us many opportunities for compassion—both to give and to receive. How are you experiencing compassion as you wait?

The Fifth Gift of Waiting: Gratitude

Gratitude turns obstacles into opportunity.

Gratitude moves us beyond entitlement.

Gratitude opens our eyes to the blessings of small things.

Waiting teaches us to value the small things. Ponder what you can be grateful for in your present circumstance.

The Sixth Gift of Waiting: Humility

Humility leads us to the grace of God.

Humility leads us to love rather than achievement.

Humility leads us to honor others.

Humility leads us to live without judgment.

Humility leads us to an honest assessment.

Waiting is a spiritual opening to recognize our powerlessness—and God’s grace. What is your current waiting teaching you about humility?

The Seventh Gift of Waiting: Trust in God

Trust in God is an invitation to let go of fear.

Trust in God is an invitation to trust in love.

Trust in God is an invitation to pray.

Waiting teaches us to live in trust. How could you use your waiting to practice trusting in God’s love?”


Efficacy of Patience by Teresa of Avila

Let nothing trouble you,

All is fleeting.

God alone is unchanging.


Everything obtains.

Who possess God

Nothing wants.

God alone suffices.

Source: Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting by Holly W. Whitcomb.

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