Honoring Your Unique Story: A Tool for Healing & Transformation

Honoring Your Unique Story: A Tool for Healing & Transformation

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Learn from my colleague Todd Miechiels, founder of The 3:15 Project, about a tool called Steps of Courage, to support Spiritual Directors in guiding their clients toward spiritual healing and transformation.

What is Steps of Courage?

Through a set of directed spiritual exercises, contemplation, journaling, listening prayer, and meditating on select scripture passages, Steps of Courage helps seekers to co-write a psalm, along with the Spirit. These are essentially lyrics to love songs. Seekers then begin to recite it orally, and finally we arrange to have this captured on film, with excellence and reverence.  Over an 8 to 12-week journey, we memorialize a story that took a lifetime to write. Honoring a legacy.

Who is this for?

For seekers who yearn to step out of their comfort zone.  Someone who has a willing, pliable, and coachable heart, who yearns to grow in humility and trust; those who have been restored and now want to share their story with others.

Todd says, “It would be a beautiful manifestation of what’s on my heart, to take a group of Spiritual Directors through this together.” A group of Spiritual Directors who would be willing to try this for themselves first, for their own nourishment.

To learn more about this amazing tool called Steps of Courage, watch the video interview below, and please reach out to my colleague Todd Miechiels at todd@the315project.com

More Resources to help you honor your story:

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