Finding & Fulfilling Your Mission

Finding & Fulfilling Your Mission

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Finding Your Mission

“The number one deadly fear of people is having lived a meaningless life.

We must understand the urgency and importance of our mission if we are to fulfill it.

Your mission is always bigger than your current role.

It is highly probable that you are already living your mission at some level.

This oddly miraculous place of fulfillment.

Your mission will be well suited to your personality.

We must use our talents or lose them.

We must vision the future, and thus help to create it, if we are to successfully accomplish our mission.

The very moment you realize you are frustrated with a situation is your ‘point of power.’

What would you do if you were ten times bolder?

Holding up ‘what is’ next to the vision of ‘what could be.’ The mind has one desire, and that is to see only one image. It therefore goes into overdrive trying to integrate the two, and it will put most of its energy toward the picture that is most often viewed.

Fulfilling Your Mission

Wisdom comes from realizing how much you do not know and taking the time to get what you need.

Recognize when your ‘moment to act’ has arrived and act boldly with honor and courage.

Fear is always present when you undertake a new cause.

Living out your talents and gifts is the most honorable gift you can offer the world.

If you don’t do it, is there something in you that may die?”

In all you do, be the master. And do not spoil the honor that is rightly yours.  Ecclesiastes 33:23


The Path: Creating your Mission Statement for Work and Life. By Laurie Beth Jones.

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