Working with Laura

I am currently accepting new clients. I welcome and accept all wherever they are spiritually, meeting in person and remotely via Skype anywhere in the US.  It is easy to get started with me. I return emails within 48 hours. After a brief, getting acquainted call, we will schedule our first appointment. Day and evening appointments available. You are not alone, I would like to be of help.  Please reach out to me at any time via the Contact Us form. Bless you!

There are several ways to work with me. Any Track can be modified to meet your unique needs.

Spiritual Formation Track

Develop a spiritual formation road map based on St. Teresa of Avila’s Seven Mansions of the Interior Castles. Discern your place on your spiritual journey. Explore how to cooperate with God in your spiritual growth. Discover your unique Spiritual Temperament and language in experiencing God. Learn new prayer exercises and tools to deepen your unique relationship with God. Suggested 9 monthly sessions for $495 total.

Discernment & Clarity Track

Should I stay or should I go? Based upon the classic teachings of St. Ignatius, learn a discernment process for making good decisions that you can use now and for a lifetime. Seek openness to God’s will and freedom from spiritual attachments through scripture. Explore consolations and desolations for guidance. Honor your gifts, charisms, skills and experience as guideposts. Prayerfully step into God’s call for you. Suggested 4 monthly sessions for $220 total.

Student Package

Recognized spiritual companion and mentor for current students in theology programs. Juggle multiple priorities; recognize warning signs of burn-out; navigate challenging relationships. Invite multiple perspectives through which to process situations. Discerning the spirit’s guidance into next steps.  Suggested 9 monthly sessions for $495 total.

Transitions Package: Floating in mid-air

Beginnings and Endings. Relationships, jobs, relocations. Loneliness, fear, stuck. Explore the in-between season; like with a flying trapeze, release part of your former self while your new self is not quite within reach. Who am I now? Where do I belong? What is my identity? Seek the Lord for what he is revealing about himself and yourself during this tender season. Suggested 4 monthly sessions for $220 total.

Intentional Eldering Package

“Aging is…an opportunity for us to do some of the most important inner work of our lives.” (Rachel Cowan) Harvest the meaning of your life’s journey. What were the significant moments and events of each phase of life? Who were the people who guided and influenced you? What did each phase contribute to the continuum of your life? Explore life’s deep questions: What will be your legacy? Consider identity—who are you, then, now, and into the future? What would make life meaningful now? Suggested 6 monthly sessions for $330 total.

Scheduling and payment:

I like to offer a complimentary phone consult to discern if working together would be a good fit. Payment is possible through credit card, PayPal, or by cash or check.  Discounts available with prepayment.

Thank you.


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