Spiritual Director who wears many hats

Spiritual Director who wears many hats

As is true for many of us, I bring a unique blend of experiences to my Spiritual Direction work. This allows me to reflect upon things from multiple perspectives.

As clients share about situations, I sometimes find myself offering to speak into their experience “wearing a variety of hats.” For example, a Career Coach might say…a mentor might say…a Spiritual Director might say…

Let’s take an example of a pastor dealing with a difficult church member on their board.

A mentor might say–As their pastor, Lord give me the eyes to see them in their brokenness. Lord how do you see them? How may I or others minister to them?

A career coach might say–How does this situation relate to my career as a pastor? How am I being stretched to learn new skills here?

A Spiritual Director might say–As a child of God, how do I cooperate with you Lord in what you are up to in my very soul? I wonder why this situation so difficult for me?

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to explore the idea of Spiritual Direction. Laura Ann Lies, Certificate in Spiritual Direction


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