A Story of Spiritual Direction

A Story of Spiritual Direction

She came for help with Discernment for a Career Change. We worked together through the Ignatian Discernment process. I listened without judgment, reflecting to her my observations and insights and asking probing questions.

As together we continued to dig deeper, the conversation soon led to a trail of questions regarding the exploration of God’s presence in her life.  Slowly, she began to experience a new identity as a beloved child of God.

The discernment process led to affirmation of the direction that she had already thought to be the right choice, but now with greater courage and confidence to move forward into God’s will.

This is an example of the Spiritual Direction process. If you see yourself reflected here in some way, Spiritual Direction may be for you. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to explore the idea of Spiritual Direction. laura.lies@streamsgrace.com


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