How can I clearly discern God’s will for me?

How can I clearly discern God’s will for me?

One of the most universal needs of the spiritual life is to clearly discern God’s will. Discover ancient wisdom that applies to complex issues in our day. Check out these three resources for excellent questions to aid your discernment process.

Eleven Steps for Making a Decision Following the Ignatian Discernment Method

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How does God guide us today? (Alpha Talk, Session 7)

  1. 1st way God guides us – Commanding Scripture
  2. 2nd way – His Compelling Spirit [He speaks to us as we read the bible and pray]
  3. 3rd way – Counsel of the Saints [advice from other Christians]
  4. 4th way – Common Sense [bible tells us the general will of God]
  5. 5th way – Circumstantial signs

Key Questions to unlocking the clarity you seek.

  1. What has God already put in your hand?
  2. Where has he positioned you?
  3. How has he gifted you? (Skills, personality, charisms, fruit of the Spirit, etc.)
  4. How might your past inform your future?
  5. How do you feel as others attempt to persuade you, one way or the other?

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