With Open Hands

With Open Hands

As we begin this new year, let us be ever intentional to seek the Lord for what’s next. As his blessings are fresh every morning, may we open our hearts to receive from him.

Renowned spiritual guide Henri J.M. Nouwen offer gentle questions in his book, With Open Hands. May you sense the Lord’s guiding hand through these provocative questions today.

  • Am I filling my hands with small, clammy coins that I do not want to surrender?
  • What am I holding tightly in my clenched fist?
  • Can my hope in God grow deeper and stronger even when my many wishes remain unfulfilled?
  • How can I claim my call to renew the world in the name of Jesus?
  • Why do I avoid silence?
  • In what ways am I afraid of dependence?
  • How can I recognize the sufferings of my brothers and sisters in my own heart?

While the Lord is the real agent of growth in our lives, a Spiritual Director is a trained listener, guide and friend who listens to the movement of God along with you.  In the context of a safe, one-on-one confidential relationship, you meet with a Spiritual Director for an hour once per month.

Laura Lies, MS, Certified Spiritual Director is in private practice with Streams of Grace Spiritual Direction. Learn more at https://streamsgrace.com/ or find a Spiritual Director through Spiritual Directors International at http://www.sdiworld.org

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