What is Spiritual Direction all about?

People I work with say that spiritual direction helps them to strengthen their faith, renew their prayer life, and find greater direction in their life. It may be particularly helpful for those experiencing a spiritual dry spell or struggling spiritually.

While the Lord is the real agent of growth in our lives, a Spiritual Director is a trained listener, guide and friend who listens to the movement of God along with you.  In the context of a safe, one-on-one confidential relationship, you meet with a Spiritual Director for an hour once per month.

Benefits of Spiritual Direction include:

  • gentle, non-judgmental guidance
  • growth in faith, hope, love and prayer
  • greater meaning and purpose in life

Laura Lies, MS, Certified Spiritual Director is in private practice with Streams of Grace Spiritual Direction. Learn more at https://streamsgrace.com/ or find a Spiritual Director through Spiritual Directors International at http://www.sdiworld.org

In Christ’s Love,

Laura Lies

Certified Spiritual Director

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