What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a contemplative practice that assists individuals in one-hour, monthly meetings, in developing and cultivating a personal relationship with God that leads to transformation.

Spiritual Direction is many faceted and can include:

  • Guidance for growth in your image of God and in methods of prayer
  • Help in finding God in life’s challenges
  • Assistance in discerning God’s will
  • Help with inner healing work
  • Companionship for the spiritual journey

During a typical spiritual direction session the directee might share about relationships, family, choices, loss, goals, work, illness, or various struggles. The spiritual director’s primary task is to help you notice God’s action in all this and how you are responding to these divine initiatives.

Spiritual direction has some similarities to therapy, yet is different from it. Like good therapy it is client-centered and non-directive, that is, the director tries to draw out of you what you need to do rather than giving advice. However, spiritual direction is about your relationship with God, not about emotional therapy, and the ultimate spiritual director is believed to be God. The human spiritual director is a trained guide who can help you in your relationship with God.

Emotional relief is often a valued byproduct, but spiritual direction is different from therapy. Spiritual direction looks at your total spiritual formation, which can bring greater purpose and meaning to your life.


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